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Zooja™ Family

The irrepressible brush script Zooja Family has five members, Zooja, Zooja Light, Zooja Elements & Borders, Zooja Catchwords and Zooja Banners & Patterns, all from the same brush.

Zooja™ Family$48.00

Single User License

Need a different license? See Multi-User, ePub and Application Licenses

The Zooja family has five fonts that can be purchased individually:

Alternate Characters
Both Zooja and companion Zooja Light have alternates for every capital and lowercase letter, consecutive characters are controlled with the OpenType Ligature feature.
Zooja Elements & Borders
Zooja Elements & Borders has 90+ fun decorative doodads, borders and corners that play well with the fonts.

Zooja Catchwords
Zooja Catchwords has 60+ hand drawn word glyphs.

Zooja Banners & Patterns
Zooja Banners & Patterns has 17 repeatable patterns and 50+ banner and frame elements to help pull it all together.