Our new Fave
The Fave Set has ten informal scripts and other handwritten fonts that work together, and stand on their own. There are actually two totally unique subfamilies: Fave and the even-more informal Fave Casual, each have a primary script with a bold version, and three other handwritten faces for a total of ten typefaces spanning the casual spectrum. All are optimized for large type use too so they look as good up close as they do set at smaller sizes.
The Turbinado Set has three weights of casual brushed script, each with a dry version, two condensed all caps faces, another hand printed caps face and a set of over 100 brushed elements that include swashes, botanicals, shells, arrows, repeatable patterns and a few other doodads that play well with the fonts.
The original Zooja Family
The irrepressible brush script Zooja Family has five members, Zooja, Zooja Light, Zooja Elements & Borders, Zooja Catchwords and Zooja Banners & Patterns, all from the same brush. Zooja and Zooja Light have alternates for upper and lowercase letters, consecutive characters are controlled with the OpenType Ligature feature. The five fonts are available at a discount when purchased as a set but can also be downloaded a la carte.
Duende Set
Created with headline, logo and other short display work in mind, Duende comes in two weights with alternates for the upper and lowercase, consecutive characters are controlled with the OpenType Ligature feature. Alternate consecutive characters and smart crossbars are controlled with the OpenType Ligature feature, expanded lowercase t crossbars when Contextual Alternates is also enabled.

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