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Meet Duende
The hand-lettered Duende™ comes in two weights with alternate characters, swash elements and features to play with. Display bigger lower case crossbars as the surrounding characters allow with OpenType Contextual Alternates on, or create your own custom lower case f or t with a non-crossbar character and one of the included crossbar options.
Alternate characters
Duende has an alternate for every capital letter and multiple alternate options for the lowercase including swashy terminal characters and non-connecting alternates. Also included are a few clip-on swash elements that can be used to create initial and terminal forms.
Smart crossbars
Duende uses smart crossbars for common letter groups, unifying Af, Aff, Aft, At, Att, tt and ff with a single crossbar when the OpenType Ligature feature in on.

Contextual t crossbars
Enable Contextual Alternates in your OpenType menu and Duende uses bigger ft, t, tf and tt crossbars as the surrounding characters allow.
Custom crossbars
You can craft your own lowercase f and t to fit any situation by combining one of the included non-crossbar characters and a crossbar from the glyph table as separate text elements and moving them around to suit your design. Duende also has a few other swashy things that can be used to cross the lowercase f and t.

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