Meet Zooja
The irrepressible brush script Zooja Family has five members, Zooja, Zooja Light, Zooja Elements & Borders, Zooja Catchwords and Zooja Banners & Patterns, all from the same brush. Zooja and Zooja Light have alternates for upper and lowercase letters, consecutive characters are controlled with the OpenType Ligature feature. The five fonts are available at a discount when purchased as a set but can also be downloaded a la carte.
A tasty jambalaya of three different weights of wood type with authentic patina.
The subtly distressed Pacifico family has three fonts, including the Pacifico Shadow font, which can be used with Pacifico to color the drop shadow separately.
Coldsmith uses the OpenType Ligature feature to substitute a unique pair of distressed characters when any upper or lowercase letter is keyed twice in a row, like most of our distressed fonts, rather than a single ligature so they may be kerned, colored or set on a curve separately.

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